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This Alien: Covenant prologue is probably as close as we’re going to get to Prometheus 2

Fox has been remarkably generous with its footage for Alien: Covenant, offering up whole five-minute swathes of the movie to get people intrigued by Ridley Scott’s latest exercise in sci-fi horror. But the studio has been more cagey about the aftermath of Scott’s last film in this universe, Prometheus, only noting that Michael Fassbender’s android David would return, and that star Noomi Rapace was also set to somehow appear.


That mystery is over, now, as the studio celebrated today’s Alien Day” by deploying a new prologue for Covenant that it calls “The Crossing.” The video features David and Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw on their journey to the Engineer’s planet. Shaw seems remarkably forgiving of David—considering he killed her boyfriend and got her knocked up with a xenomorphic hellspawn in the previous film—repairing him, and gently dealing with his newfound android crush. Meanwhile, we get some context for one of those screenshots Fox released last week; that’s definitely David standing over the Engineer’s homeworld, about to bombard it with the mutagen that brought the crew of the Prometheus to such awful and violent ends.

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