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This new Point Break trailer is all over the place

“In today’s world…you know how easy it is to lose perspective?” asks Delroy Lindo’s FBI instructor in this extended Point Break trailer, a question that was posed after we saw the first trailer for the film. What began in 1991 as a movie about a law-and-order type who’s seduced by the wayward lifestyle of bank-robbing surfers is now a bloated story about “extreme athletes” who are on a global crime spree (or are they?).

Director Ericson Core hits up just about every continent and life-threatening sport in his remake, which once again sees Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey) questioning his loyalties to the FBI while investigating Bodhi (Édgar Ramírez) and his band of merry brahs. But this time around, Bodhi isn’t robbing banks to fund his pursuit of the ultimate—he’s actually on some quest to complete the “Osaki 8,” a series of ordeals that honor the forces of nature. Well, as long as the felonies are the means to an altruistic end, the FBI agents will presumably say before letting them go on their way.


Point Break hits theaters on December 25.

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