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Tig Notaro finds the comedy in tragedy in the trailer for Tig

In 2012, comedian Tig Notaro became terribly ill, lost her mother, and was diagnosed with breast cancer, all within a matter of months. But Notaro decided to keep on living, leading to her now famous Largo set, fittingly titled Live, that’s as funny as it is heartbreaking.

Now Netflix has produced Tig, a documentary about Notaro’s quest to piece her life back together both on stage and off, and will premiere it on July 17. The trailer is an emotional journey in itself, with pieces from the Live set.


“Losing everything in life so quickly made me uncertain if I’d live to even do stand-up again,” Notaro says. “And because I love comedy so much, I wanted to do it possibly one last time.” At the same time all of this was happening, Notaro also found love, meeting her now-fiancé Stephanie Allynne on the set of Lake Bell’s In A World… . Allynne is featured in the official trailer, which you can watch above.

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