Star Wars, Shmar Wars: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are bringing a different sort of arrested development to theaters this December with their new comedy, Sisters. The first trailer for the film arrived online today, featuring Poehler and Fey at their silliest making awkward double entendres and exaggerated ”hey girl” faces as adult sisters who decide to relive their adolescent years by throwing one last rager at their parents’ house. The chemistry between the stars is as winning as ever—“I’ve been thinking.” “Why?” goes one witty exchange—and Fey even throws one in for the Mean Girls fans with a snarky jab at Maya Rudolph’s accessory choices. With a script by longtime Saturday Night Live writer Paula Pell, Sisters looks like dumb, nostalgic fun.

Sisters was directed by Pitch Perfect’s Jason Moore, and considering Pitch Perfect 2 turned out to be a formidable box-office opponent for another highly anticipated sci-fi adventure, Mad Max: Fury Road, earlier this year, Sisters could serve as effective counterprogramming for Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens come December 18. (Of course, you could always see both.)