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Tom Cruise is destined to keep fighting aliens forever, also stars in Edge Of Tomorrow trailer

Tom Cruise must fight for the fate of humanity, hoping to free them and himself from alien enslavement by slowly ridding himself of his flaws, learning from them, and gaining the confidence necessary to ascend to a higher level. Also, he stars in a movie called Edge Of Tomorrow—something the theme song for Saved By The Bell: The College Years taught us we are all standing on (today!), but that Tom Cruise is really standing on, seeing as he can never quite seem to get there. Instead, he’s trapped in a particularly hellish Groundhog Day/Source Code time loop, destined to respawn like a doomed video game character—and destined to keep fighting aliens like a Tom Cruise character—until he finally learns what he needs from Emily Blunt to "win the war." The film’s former title, All You Need Is Kill, though faithful to the Japanese novel it’s based on, was rejected because it spoils the revelation that, all along, all he needed was kill.


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