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Tom Cruise paints it black in the new trailer for The Mummy

The previous footage we’ve seen from Tom Cruise’s Mummy reboot hinted at some of the eponymous villain’s evil powers, but this one offers a bit more backstory on Sofia Boutell’s undead monster and what she wants from Cruise. Basically, she’s evil and wants to do evil stuff, but there’s probably some nuance here and there. Other than that, this trailer also has a weird dependence on the guitar riff from “Paint It Black,” a quick appearance from New Girl’s Jake Johnson—who is quickly making a career out of dumping exposition in blockbuster reboots of famous Hollywood brands—and some more glimpses at Russell Crowe’s Dr. Henry Jekyll. Speaking of, what’s that guy’s story? It sure is weird that he shares a name with a famous Universal Monster.

The Mummy was directed by Alex Kurtzman, and it will be in theaters on June 9.


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