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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Tom Cruise has done a lot of weird shit in real life (mostly due to his high-profile association with Scientology), but he’s able to retain his status as a Hollywood superstar because he’s just so darn handsome and charming. He seems to be embracing that aspect of his personality in this trailer for Doug Liman’s American Made, which sees him doing all sorts of illegal or questionable things on behalf of both the CIA and traditional drug and arms dealers while skating by on his charm and handsomeness. There’s even a sequence where he basically tells a group of federal agents that he can’t get in trouble because he’s Tom Cruise.


The film is based on the life of Barry Seal, an actual pilot who worked as a drug runner for Colombian cartels and then get hired by the CIA. American Made also made headlines last year after it was hit with multiple wrongful death suits, but it will probably take more than Tom Cruise to fix that.

American Made will be in theaters on September 29.

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