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Tom Hardy goes it alone in the trailer for Locke

By the looks of it, the new British drama Locke will confirm a widely held suspicion: If you somehow manage to convince Tom Hardy to star in your movie, there’s really no need to cast any other actors. Directed by Steven Knight—who wrote Eastern Promises and also made that dour Jason Statham vehicle RedemptionLocke is reportedly 85 minutes of Hardy’s  harried construction manager making phone calls and important life decisions during a long drive home. (His “costars”—including Olivia Colman, Tom Holland, and Ruth Wilson—are heard but never seen.)

So what does this very serious man gab about on his very serious road trip? Don’t look for answers in this new trailer, which privileges snippets of ominous dialogue over any solid plot details. The trailer does, however, convey the enthusiasm of early fans, many of who raved about Locke from Venice and Sundance. With Hardy in the driver’s seat, there’s good reason to believe the buzz; if the guy can emote through a voice-muffling mask, he can surely make an evening commute compelling.

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