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Tom Hiddleston channels Hank Williams in the I Saw The Light trailer

Tom Hiddleston has been Hank Williams-ing it up all over town lately. With Hiddleston performing Williams tunes at a variety of locations and situations in recent weeks, the unsuspecting audience could be forgiven for wondering what the hell the actor’s obsession with the deceased singer-songwriter is all about. Wonder no more: Hiddleston went Method for the upcoming film I Saw The Light, where he recounts the story of Williams’ success, and the drinkin’ and cheatin’ that followed, as per usual for these kinds of guys. Joining him is Elisabeth Olsen as wife Audrey Mae, because why get one star from an Avengers movie when you could have two? Frankly, the chance to watch these two do some capital-A acting is probably the biggest draw for the movie, because the trailer doesn’t do much to suggest this is going to be anything more than a by-the-numbers biopic. To be fair, though, that was basically the exact impression we had of Walk The Line prior to its release, as well. And look how that turned out! What’s that you say? It was a “by-the-numbers biopic with excellent acting,” also? Hmmm, good point.

Originally set to debut on November 27, I Saw The Light has since been pushed back to March 25, 2016.

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