We’ve been hearing good things about High-Rise, Ben Wheatley’s adaptation of the J.G. Ballard novel, for several months now, with The A.V. Club’s own Ignatiy Vishnevetsky calling it “something I genuinely dig.” (Of course, he also says it’s full of “largely disorganized directorial decisions and unmotivated stylistic tics,” but in this case, that seems to work in the film’s favor.) And now, we have a phony commercial for the building, complete with helpful voiceover from star Tom Hiddleston. He touts the self-contained nature of this residence, including a grocery store, massage parlor, workout rooms, swimming pool, and even a school for the young ones. In short, it’s got enough to make you wonder why you’d ever want to leave. And, with the exception of a few ominous shots of a stalled elevator and some weirdo neighbors, the trailer remains coy about what sort of unpleasantness awaits the denizens of this ill-fated location. Knowing that it comes from the mind of J.G. Ballard is a good indicator, but still, this seems poised to take the prize for film most likely to make teenage fans of the bad guy from The Avengers go, “Uhh, what the hell did we just watch?”