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Tom Holland goes on an awful family trip in the Edge of Winter trailer

Tom Holland placated everyone’s Spider-Man overload fears with a charming performance in Captain America: Civil War. Now, while we wait for Spider-Man: Homecoming and its stacked cast, the trailer for Edge of Winter has a sampling of the young actor in a dramatic mode. In the thriller, which marks writer-director Rob Connolly’s first feature, Holland plays one of two brothers left to spend time their creepy dad (Suicide Squad’s Joel Kinnaman). The bonding goes bad after the trio goes hunting, and Holland’s character accidentally drives their car off the road. They end up stranded in a cabin with some interlopers. Mix in a snowstorm, and that’s a guaranteed recipe for a tense father-sons situation.

Holland, who broke out in The Impossible, also has an upcoming non-Spidey role in The Lost City Of Z. Edge Of Winter turns theaters chilly August 12.


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