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In Stop The Presses! we share some of the more ridiculous press releases we receive at The A.V. Club.

There are a lot of dubious hall of fames, but the Headwear Hall Of Fame is probably the wackest one we’ve heard of. The 104-year-old Headwear Association has announced its 2013 inductees for its hall of fame, though, and they’re absolutely hilarious. According to a press release, “This year's honors go to Tom Waits, Hugh Jackman, Rachel Zoe and Nicole Kidman. Cary Grant and Josephine Baker will be inducted posthumously.”


While this is obviously a huge honor for all parties—who, it should be noted, haven’t even necessarily been informed of the honor or accepted—it’s more than a little confusing. What group of people other than hat fans would honor Rachel Zoe, Cary Grant, and Tom Waits simultaneously? And does the world really know Hugh Jackman as “a long-time hat aficionado”? Do each of the nominees get the nod for a different reason, like Baker’s role as a “noted Civil Rights activist” and Kidman’s commitment to protecting “her fair skin from sun damage”? And who were the 44 other “legendary hat wearers, living and deceased” that were nominated before these six inductees were chosen?

Zoe, Kidman, Baker, Grant, Jackman, and Waits are all in good company, though. Previous inductees have included LL Cool J, Kid Rock, Carlos Santana, Ne-Yo, Cameron Diaz, and Princes Diana. Hats.

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