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Tombs Of The Blind Dead

The Templars, members of a fighting monastic order ex-communicated in the Middle Ages for heresy, have served as the source of many conspiracy theories which cite them as the source of all the secrets of history. But, as we learn in this recently restored Spanish horror film, what they really want to do is drink your blood and live forever, even if only their rambling corpses remain. Tombs Of The Blind Dead is a silly, atmospheric and often genuinely scary piece of unearthed continental decadence from the early '70s, and it was wildly popular in Europe at the time. It's easy to see why: Director Armando de Ossorio, who owes a heavy debt to Night Of The Living Dead, has a command of both stylish touches and primitive scare tactics. Consequently, you get both eerily beautiful shots of rotting skeletons riding horses in slow motion and scenes of helpless victims turning blind corners to find themselves face to face with hideous monsters. Though not for the squeamish—and containing the gratuitous scenes of sexual violence that seem to have been a prerequisite for the period—horror fans will be delighted.


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