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Trailer for crowd-funded Lazer Team puts space guns in the hands of average joes

Last summer, the online comedy group Rooster Teeth (known for its Red Vs. Blue Halo series on YouTube) smashed Indiegogo’s crowdsourcing records with its campaign to make the indie sci-fi comedy Lazer Team. Now the first trailer has arrived, and it looks like the group has made good on its promise to use surplus funding to increase the film’s quality.

The trailer posits that we were contacted by an alien species decades ago, a fact that has been hidden by the military. As troops mobilize and fearful crowds are herded behind barricades, it seems that the aliens have spoiled the secret.

All of this is clearly setup for the real crux of the story, however, which finds alien weaponry falling into the hands of a group of conspicuously average guys. Of course, their involvement in finding alien tech makes them the best candidates to fight back, even if they are otherwise completely unqualified. And so our unlikely heroes fulfill their destiny, which consists of blowing shit up with really overpowered laser weapons while running around in speed-skating pajamas. This first trailer seems to be short on jokes, and heavy on Lazer Team’s crowd-funded FX budget. (That said, nobody likes it when comedies gives away all of their A-material in the trailer.)


Until we learn more about the project, we can at least agree that there’s always room for one more comedy about alien invasions, and it’s good to see some guys who aren’t Zach Braff or Spike Lee get their film projects funded. A release date has not been announced yet, but Lazer Team is expected to be available in 2015 courtesy of Fullscreen, YouTube’s film division.

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