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Trailer for David Cross’ Hits is all about getting famous

For his directorial debut, comedian David Cross is looking at the different ways people can become famous. Some do it by going on whichever singing competition show will take them, some do it by going on crazy rants at city council meetings, and some do it by turning videos of crazy rants at city council meetings into viral video gold. OK, those are pretty specific examples, but that’s because they’re exactly what happens in Cross’ movie—which is titled Hits.

The film stars Matt Walsh as the aforementioned crazy ranter, a man whose dreams of improving his crummy small town are laughed off by everyone but the hipsters who come to idolize him for standing up against authority. A bunch of Cross’ famous friends also show up, including Wyatt Cenac, Childrens Hospital‘s Erinn Hayes, Parenthood‘s Jason Ritter, Drunk History‘s Derek Waters, and literally everything’s David Koechner. Hits is billed as being “based on a true story…that hasn’t happened yet,” and we don’t know when it will happen either, since it doesn’t have an official release date yet.


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