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Trailer for Escobar: Paradise Lost is half Meet The Parents, half drug lord shenanigans

It’s a bit hard to tell from the movie’s super-seriousness, but Escobar: Paradise Lost is secretly a remake of the 2000 Ben Stiller comedy Meet The Parents. Once you look closer, though, it’s easy to see the similarities in the plot: Boy meets girl, girl takes boy home to meet her father—or uncle, in Escobar’s case—and the father/uncle turns out to be a bit eccentric. In Meet The Parents, Robert De Niro’s character teaches a cat how to use a toilet and gives Ben Stiller a polygraph test to see if he’ll be a good husband. In Escobar, Benicio del Toro does similar things, except he’s also notorious cocaine-dealing drug lord Pablo Escobar. In this trailer, The Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson even gets into some violent gunfights, just like Ben Stiller did in Meet The Parents. Escobar: Paradise Lost is the directorial debut of actor Andrea Di Stefano, and it will be in theaters on November 26.


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