It might be difficult for some viewers to put Paul Walker’s death out of their minds as they watch Furious 7—a movie that almost didn’t even come out—and the big action setpiece in its first trailer doesn’t exactly make that any easier. To do anything less than drop a bunch of cars out of an airplane, though, would be a disservice to Walker and the revitalization that this series has enjoyed ever since it realized how fun it can be to go for broke as often as possible. Anyway, this trailer isn’t all about putting Walker’s character uncomfortably close to death, as it also takes time for a so-fancy party, The Rock breaking out of a cast, a montage of people loading guns, and, of course, car racing—the thing that these movies actually used to be about. Jason Statham also shows up as new villain Ian Shaw, a British guy who is determined to get revenge on Team Furious because, we assume, they didn’t invite him to join their gang of bald, action men. Furious 7 will drive into theaters—much like a car does—on April 3, 2015.