Part of the fun in any time travel movie is trying to wrap your head around the various bootstrap paradoxes and butterfly effects that its characters have to deal with. What will the repercussions of a certain action be? If one thing happened one way, will another thing happen another way? Who’s that guy? Why are these time travel movies so confusing? Thankfully, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 isn’t your usual time travel movie, because it’s about a bunch of assholes who alter their own past with a magic hot tub and make their lives in the present way better. This trailer shows Craig Robinson’s character stealing famous pop songs, Rob Corddry wearing weird pants and getting shot, and Clark Duke going bald. Those are good things, right? Either way, it doesn’t show original star John Cusack, who chose not to return for this sequel. Adam Scott is going on the adventure in his place, though, so that’s a fine trade. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 will hit theaters on Feb 20, 2015.