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Trailer for Netflix’s EDM movie XOXO is all sick beats and bright colors

America’s love affair with electronic dance music may be surprisingly persistent (even in light of this whole thing), but the public’s response to movies about the world of EDM has been comparatively tepid. Zac Efron’s We Are Your Friends failed to get anyone sufficiently hyped for the big drop to kick in, and now Netflix is sitting down at the turntables and computer boxes or whatever to put its own spin on this musical phenomenon with an EDM movie called XOXO.

In this trailer for the coming-of-age drama, we see a young DJ getting a chance to perform at a huge EDM festival called XOXO. Along the way, he runs into Sarah Hyland (an EDM fan breaking out of her shell), Ryan Hansen (some kind of EDM superstar), and Chris D’Elia (a guy who likes to yell at kids about how EDM is great and how they don’t appreciate it enough). It looks like there’ll be some weird dream sequences/iTunes library visualizations thrown in, so that might be a fun way of depicting the kind of excitement EDM fans feel when they’re listening to their favorite DJs while also high on ecstasy.

XOXO was directed by Christopher Louie, and it’ll be available on Netflix on August 26.

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