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Trailer for The Dardenne Bros.’ Two Days, One Night is appropriately sparse

As The A.V. Club’s film editor A.A. Dowd has already stated, Two Days, One Night was one of the best films at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Though it didn’t take home the Palme D’Or, the film’s directors, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, are no strangers to such an honor, and the brothers’ switch from casting unknowns to putting Marion Cotillard in the lead only makes their latest all the more intriguing. Cotillard plays the role of Sandra, a mother who finds out that she will soon be let go from her job at a solar panel factory unless she can convince her coworkers to forgo their annual bonuses, allowing her to stay employed. As the trailer shows, the Dardennes allow Cotillard to express the film’s weight silently and subtly, proving that this is noteworthy work even without the Cannes honor attached to its name. Two Days, One Night is set to open in the U.K. on August 8, with hopes the film will make it to North America by the year’s end.


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