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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Want to find out why the ironically named Superman Lives movie died? You might consider contributing to the FanBacked campaign for Jon Schnepp’s documentary that promises to reveal all about the Tim Burton Superman movie starring Nicolas Cage that never got made. Besides depriving the world of another Nicolas Cage cuckoo bananas freak-out, the documentary’s trailer hints at all the could-have-beens the world is now painfully bereft of: Chris Rock as Jimmy Olsen; a Kevin Smith screenplay; Burton’s emphasis on Superman-as-alien; a Batman cameo; and a black Superman costume that actually looks pretty cool. More importantly, there’s test footage of Cage as Superman, taking flight.


So why did Superman Lives die? The trailer doesn’t say outright, but Burton talks of “chaos,” and Smith jokes (Or maybe not?) that the film died after he got involved. Schnepp needs to raise $85,000 to finish the film, of which he’s only raised 6 percent, before he can answer that question, otherwise The Death Of Superman Lives will suffer its own premature demise.

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