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Transformers: The Last Knight clip introduces some crummy old robots

There are very few things about Transformers: The Last Knight that aren’t aggressively bizarre, and this clip from the MTV Movie And TV Awards shows off a lot of them. It has Anthony Hopkins saying “dude,” a human-sized steampunk-looking robot who seems a little broken, a surly robot who turns into a WWI tank and apparently has dementia, and a modern Transformer who kidnaps a girl and speaks in a weird accent. It’s a funny scene, provided you’re into this kind of thing, but it’s not really the kind of cool action that people typically want to see from this kind of movie. Still, this far into Michael Bay’s Transformers series, maybe a short clip of Anthony Hopkins saying “dude” is really what the people want to see.

Transformers: The Last Knight will be in theaters on June 23.


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