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Transporter’s gonna transport in the Transporter Refueled trailer

A new trailer has been released for The Transporter Refueled, the Transporter reboot no one really asked for but Luc Besson is more than happy to provide. Notably, Refueled lacks a certain Jason Statham, who admitted earlier this year that his decision not to return had everything to do with cash money. Honestly, good for Statham—if we learned anything from Spy, it’s that Rose Byrne should always be playing villains, and Statham, unexpectedly, belongs in comedy.

But fear not! Ed Skrein has risen to the occasion of playing Frank Martin in the new origin story, and he meets all the requirements for being a transporter (receding hairline, British, end of list). The trailer shows him transportin’ and…little else. But Skrein seems perfectly adept at switching gears and making sharp turns, which is helpful.


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