Thereā€™s a key moment in this trailer for Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez On Me where it stops being an upbeat story about a guy rising above his struggles to become a hip-hop superstar and it starts being about the tragic downfall of a hip-hop superstar. That moment comes the instant Dominic L. Santanaā€™s Suge Knight appears. The music get sadder, the dialogue gets more ominous, and it all ends with Demetrius Shipp Jr.ā€™s Tupac Shakur sitting in a car at a red light. The release of All Eyes On Me was delayed last year over a music licensing dispute, but this trailerā€™s prominent use of ā€œCalifornia Loveā€ suggests that thereā€™s no reason to worry about this movie not having enough Tupac songs.

All Eyez On Meā€˜s new release date is June 16.