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Universal actually made a trailer for Jaws 19

Of the films that played at the fictional Essex Theater in Hill Valley through the years— 1955’s Cattle Queen Of Montana (The Atomic Kid was playing at rival theater The Town), 1985’s Orgy American Style—perhaps the most memorable was Jaws 19. Now, as October 21, 2015 draws near and the Cubs are primed to make it to the post-season, Universal has released a real trailer for this fictional adventure of Bruce The Shark.


Directed by son of the bearded one Max Spielberg, in the Back To The Future universe Jaws 19—tagline: “This time it’s really, really, personal”—was panned by critics, with a review on the front page of USA Today calling it a “Jaws without a bite.” (Perhaps the reviewer preferred the sequel to the prequel mentioned in Universal’s new trailer.) And while Universal’s marketing doesn’t include a plot description for Jaws 19 on IMDb, it can be assumed that after 18 entries in the Jaws series, the filmmakers actually decided to use the voodoo subplot featured in the Jaws: The Revenge novelization. It might also have something to do with killer stingrays, jellyfish, and conch shells like the NES game. One thing is certain: Even with the advances made in CGI, the shark still looks fake.

[via Variety]

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