Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them has been out in theaters long enough for Harry Potter fans to whip themselves back into their usual wizard-loving, scarf-wearing frenzy. Those of you looking to mollify the enthusiastic No-Maj in your life are in luck, though, because we’re offering a contest this week in which one lucky reader will win a gift package containing more than $300 worth of Fantastic Beasts swag.


The gift bag includes a Funko version of Newt Scamander—in case Eddie Redmayne didn’t look big-eyed and adorable enough for your tastes already—along with a coloring book, canvas bag, T-shirt, and “Magizoologist” beanie. But that’s just the starter stuff: You’ll also get a “Muggle Worthy” throw, a $100 print from MinaLima, and your own wand. (Along with a Wand Permit Kit to ensure you’re authorized to carry it, should Colin Farrell come looking to challenge your rights.)

All you have to do to win this veritable Gringotts vault of prizes is send an e-mail with the subject line “Fantastic Swag And How To Get It” to Include your shipping address in the e-mail, too, so we know where to send your prize. Also, as The A.V. Club doesn’t currently have access to a magical owl that can fly around and deliver this stuff to you—and must therefore contend with the thoroughly non-magical curse of postage—we’re capping entries to the United States. No P.O. boxes, please, and we’ll draw the winner on November 30.