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UPDATE: There’s like 2 seconds of Batman in the new Justice League trailer tease

Warner Bros.’ sludgy torrent of slow-drip Justice League hype continues, as the studio has now added a couple of 10-second “trailer teasers” to the half-assed poster it dropped for the movie earlier today. And while this recent trend of releasing ad spots for other, longer ad spots does make the backs of our heads start to throb, there’s two seconds of new Batman (or Aquaman) footage here, so whatever.

Thrill as the Dark Knight stands on a tall thing! Oooh and ahh as his annoyingly gun-laden Batmobile shoots at what looks like an Apokaliptan Parademon! Delight yourself by catching a glimpse of the heads and torsos of the rest of the members of the League! Come back on Saturday, when you’ll see all this footage again, but with more context! Hooray!


UPDATE: And now, here’s one for The Flash. Stay tuned for Cyborg and Wonder Woman, presumably, as Saturday gets closer.

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