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Vampires meet Game Of Thrones in trailer for Dracula Untold

It’s not just the dramatic speeches, big medieval battles, and vaguely European setting that give this trailer for Dracula Untold a Game Of Thrones-vibe. Tywin Lannister himself, Charles Dance, even appears as the vampire that turns a desperate Vlad Tepes into the super-powered Dracula that we know and love. There’s even an appearance from Art Parkinson, who plays Rickon Stark, but he’s not nearly as cool as Tywin Lannister. Dominic Cooper—who is not from Game Of Thrones—also shows up as Mehmed, an evil sultan who is the target of Dracula’s bat-powered rage. Although, when the hero is Dracula, it’s hard to justify referring to the antagonist as “evil.” Maybe he’s actually the good guy here?


The Hobbit’s Luke Evans plays Vlad Tepes, a real guy who was not actually a vampire and not actually named Vlad Tepes, but this trailer makes no insane claims about being “based on a true story,” so we’ll give it a pass for that. In the film, Vlad chooses to become a vampire so he can protect his family from Mehmed’s armies, and we can only assume that his newfound evil powers and desire to drink blood will in no way affect his personal life. Everyone will still love him at the end of the movie, and he’ll have no desire to turn into a bad guy who lives alone in a giant castle and says “vant” instead of “want.”

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