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Vince Vaughn is a weirdly practical thief in the trailer for Term Life

Having kicked off the dust of that dour second season of True Detective, Vince Vaughn looks ready to get back into the smirking con game (even if he is doing so with a terrible haircut) in the trailer for Term Life. The film reunites Vaughn with frequent collaborators Jon Favreau and Peter Billingsley, who co-star and direct the film, respectively.


Term Life stars Vaughn as Nick Barrow, a thief who appears to subcontracts heists. When one such arrangement gets the son of a cartel boss (William Levy) killed, the kid’s dad (Jordi Mollà) swears vengeance on Nick and his whole family, which is entirely made up of a slightly sullen teenage daughter (Hailee Steinfeld). The term Term Life comes into play when Nick takes out some life insurance to ensure his daughter’s future in the event that he can’t shake an underworld boss with a vendetta. But the situation isn’t dire enough to prevent Nick from quipping with a buddy (Favreau), a sheriff (Terrence Howard), and whatever shady character Jonathan Banks is playing this time around. The film also stars Bill Paxton and Mike Epps as corrupt cops, as well as Taraji P. Henson in some as-yet-unseen capacity.

Adapted from screenwriter A.J. Lieberman’s eponymous graphic novel, Term Life will begin its life on VOD and Digital HD as of March 1st before opening in theaters on April 8.