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Thoughts on, and a place to discuss, the plot details we can't reveal in our review.

So to explain further: In the book, the general running the human camp absolutely refuses to believe any of the evidence that the zombies are recovering their humanity, and he ultimately sloughs off his skin and becomes one of the Boneys, the skeletal super-zombies that serve as regular zombies’ priests and leaders. Point being that even a human can give into calcification and despair so thoroughly that he becomes a monster. The film adaptation loses this development entirely, waters down his character significantly, and ends with him just backing down and accepting matters. It’s a curious shrug of an ending, not helped along by the way the film glosses over most of what the Boneys are, and just has them as undifferentiated monsters. The book elevates a fairly ridiculous concept with artful writing and the clear sense of a bigger story and bigger elements at play; the film is just the story, and an incomplete version at that. It isn’t terrible, there just isn’t much to it, all told.


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