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Warren Beatty’s Howard Hughes movie, Rules Don’t Apply, finally has a trailer

The talk surrounding Warren Beatty’s Howard Hughes movie has gone on for years now. But at long last there’s finally a trailer for the thing, which is called Rules Don’t Apply. Though the title sounds like it belongs to a mid-2000s Jennifer Aniston rom-com, this movie is not that, nor is it The Aviator. Unless the trailer totally misrepresents the rest of the film, Beatty plays Hughes’ mental illness for slapstick laughs here. The plot also heavily focuses on Alden Ehrenreich’s character, a driver who falls for Lily Collins’ religious ingenue, who also gets involved involved with Hughes. So, yes, at least this is another chance to evaluate the talent of new Han Solo. The footage brings to mind the likes of My Week With Marilyn and Me And Orson Welles, which also dabbled in old Hollywood fan fiction.

Of course, we don’t want to totally write off Beatty’s first feature film in 18 years, but, for now, this looks like a trifle. Rules Don’t Apply hits theaters November 23.


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