Think it’d be difficult to condense an entire childhood into one three-hour movie? Try condensing that three-hour movie into one minute-and-a-half preview. Yet the new trailer for Boyhood actually does a pretty solid job of conveying the film’s virtues, mainly by focusing on the incredible process in which it was made. As the spot notes, director Richard Linklater shot the movie over a dozen years, watching as its young star, Ellar Coltrane, grew from a kindergarten-age child to a college-age teenager. The trailer offers a taste of that development, jumping forward in time with each shot, in order to demonstrate the various growth spurts Boyhood captures. It also does a good job of conveying how loose and relaxed the movie gradually becomes, its focus straying from plot to the more mundane business of growing up. Linklater’s remarkable experiment begins trickling into theaters this July.