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The nobly-named Ansel Elgort and Oakes Fegley play the same guy in The Goldfinch: Theo Decker, who loses his mom in a bombing at the Met and then goes on to (semi-spoiler alert) sort of lose it. Given that the new movie is based on a rather famous book—Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch—we thought it would be appropriate to ask the co-stars to identify their favorite movie based on a book. As you’ll see in the video above, Elgort goes broad with the sweeping Lord Of The Rings trilogy, while Fegley goes similarly broad—and, some might say, broadly acted—with Tolkien’s other Middle Earth tale, The Hobbit. As you’ll see, Elgort doesn’t react favorably to this supposition, and a somewhat heated discussion ensues.

They also talk about New York, and playing younger versions of adult actors, all in the interview above.

The Goldfinch is in theaters now.


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