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Watch Sandra Oh and Anne Heche beat each other senseless in the Catfight trailer

Anne Heche and Sandra Oh beating the shit out of each other is no longer just an obscure fetish. It’s also the premise for a new black comedy from director Onur Turkel, director of Applesauce and Summer Of Blood. Turkel’s movies often revolve around devastatingly ironic twists, and the twist here is that Veronica (Oh), a trophy wife married to a war contractor, wakes up broke and abandoned after a stairwell brawl with Ashley (Anne Heche), a former college classmate and part-time caterer who’s humiliated when she discovers that the party she’s working is being thrown by Veronica’s husband. Meanwhile, Ashley’s art career has taken off in the two years since the fight, while Veronica laid in a coma. Will this dramatic reversal of fortunes lead to more bloody noses and ripped-out hair? From the looks of this trailer, yes.


Catfight opens in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles and on your various VOD platforms on March 3.

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