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Fans of Universal’s adorably malevolent Minions have a new trailer to enjoy. The Despicable Me spinoff will apparently act as prequel to the 2010 film, finally giving the titular, non-verbal little monster things the epoch-spanning backstory that fans have been clamoring for. The film’s plot will see the Minions seeking out new masters throughout history, from T-Rex to Dracula, hoping each will give them purpose. Inevitably, the little guys’ bumbling efforts lead to their master’s death, forcing Minions Kevin, Bob, and Stuart to go on a mission to find the biggest, baddest villain for their brethren to serve.

As with all CG animated features intended for kids, the trailer’s soundtrack features prominent use of the music of bygone generations to give parents something to listen to while their spawn laugh at the little monster men. In this case, it comes as a welcome surprise to hear the vocals of “Under Pressure” kick in after the opening beats present the possibility of having to listen to the Minions cover “Ice Ice Baby.”


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