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In Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, Jason Statham is the smooth British spy to Dwayne Johnson’s larger-than-life California G-Man. Thus, while The Rock tools around the states in cars that all look like lifted ‘80s Broncos and modified tanks, Statham slides around London in a sleek and suave McLaren 720S. Sure, he’s had a drift brake installed, but otherwise the McLaren is British precision—just like Statham’s character in the movie.

With Hobbs & Shaw available to stream now and out next week on DVD and Blu-Ray, The A.V. Club took an invitation to visit the UK’s Silverstone Circuit and take a McLaren 720 for a spin. While we didn’t get up to the 160 mph they encouraged us to do on the track’s straight aways, hopefully our driving wouldn’t make Hobbs and/or Shaw too nauseous.


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