Weird Science

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Wall Street, Romancing The Stone, First Daughter, and more ($3.99 to rent, $6.99 to buy)

Romancing The Stone


Amazon’s having a sale on “adventure” movies, and while Katie Holmes’ adventures as the daughter of the president in First Daughter aren’t exactly breathtaking, there are a number of great or at least entertaining movies for sale, including The Last King Of Scotland and My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

Stand By Me, Back To The Future, Weird Science, and more ($3.99 to rent, $7.99 to buy)

Stand By Me


Amazon is also having a sale on classic ’80s films like those listed above and others, including Short Circuit, War Games, and Real Genius.

Tropico 5 for Xbox One ($33.04)
Dungeons 2 for PlayStation 4 ($29.83)

Tropico 5


Video game sequels are so hot right now.

Revell GMC pickup with snowplow plastic model ($16.40)


Winter is coming. Why not spend some time building this detailed snowplow model?

96-disc organizer ($14.95)


Those big black CD binders are so passé.

Pro mini basketball hoop ($19.99)


Add some pizzazz to your office’s most boring conference room.

Lobster-hooded baby towel ($16.40)


Ha ha, that baby looks like a lobster.

Marshall compact fridge ($299.99)


It’s a mini-fridge, but it looks like an amp. We don’t like the term “man cave,” but if any fridge seems apt for that kind of room, it’s this one.