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What the hell is even going on in this trailer for Kuso?

You know you’re in for something weird when the sight of Tim Heidecker, covered in boils, is the least-upsetting visual a new trailer has to offer. Such is the case for Kuso, the first film from Steven Ellison, a.k.a. rapper Flying Lotus. And while the trailer’s promo copy says it takes place in L.A., in the aftermath of a massive earthquake, in actual practice, it seems to be streaming straight out of someone’s Technicolor fever dream.

Honestly, we have no fucking clue what’s happening here; the trailer blends live-action, animation, and body horror into some sort of David Cronenberg-meets-Who Framed Roger Rabbit hybrid. Is George Clinton’s crazy-sounding doctor a good guy? Does that woman’s vagina have teeth? Can this movie congeal into something more than 90 minutes of out-there imagery and screaming? Hopefully, we’ll have a better idea when Kuso debuts on horror-streaming service Shudder on July 21.


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