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What's the better werewolf movie, The Howling or An American Werewolf in London?

Illustration for article titled Whats the better werewolf movie, iThe Howling/i or iAn American Werewolf in London/i?
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Werewolves had a moment in 1981. Excluding Wolfen, whose killer canines technically don’t fit the species description, Hollywood produced not one but two odes to the lycanthrope that year: John Landis’ Oscar-winning An American Werewolf In London and Joe Dante’s franchise-launching The Howling. But which of these shaggy horror comedies was best in show? We polled Twitter earlier this week. Now, on our final Halloween-season episode of Film Club, critics A.A. Dowd and Katie Rife are picking different dogs in this fight. Welcome to The Premise Dome, full moon edition!


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