Despite the fact that the poster for Old Dogs featured an adorable dog playfully resting his paw on Robin Williams' shoulder, and the trailer for Old Dogs killed comedy, the movie didn't do so well. When John Travolta heard the box office returns, he probably thought, "Oh well. But at least this means no one will find out about that cover of Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step I Take" that I sang to my daughter as a really weird ad for Old Dogs. Phew."

Of course, he was wrong. Just as the truth always comes out, so do misguided music videos that celebrities make with their offspring to sell something terrible. You can't cover that stuff up for long.

(via Movieline)

Obviously, there is no weirdest part about this. The whole thing is a "What?" parade. But, strangely, I kept waiting for Will Smith and his (now fully-grown) son to pop out from behind one of the giant L's in "ELLA BLEU" and challenge John Travolta to a "singing a creepy cover into the face of your child" contest.