Tired of Watchmen fever yet? You're going to have to bear with it a little longer at The A.V. Club, where we've got a review, a podcast, and a special feature coming up in the next two days. If you're sick of it already, you may want to tune out. But if you're as geeked about it as most of our readers seem to be, here's one more entertaining distraction leading up to the movie:

Saturday Morning Watchmen.


Basically, animator and fan Harry Partridge put together the faux opening credits for an ’80s-style Saturday-morning cartoon version of Alan Moore's graphic novel. For those who haven't read the book, there are a couple of things that might be considered spoilery, plus a whole bunch of very quick visual gags that you just plain aren't going to get. (At least one has to do with the original ending that appears only in the book, so you aren't going to get it even after seeing the film.) But for fans of the graphic novel who grew up on Saturday-morning TV in the '80s, this is a) pretty damn funny, and b) a reminder of just how crappy all those shows we profess to love so dearly really were. Enjoy!

P.S. Harry… we all want to see a full episode. Get on that, eh?