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At a recent Frozen 2 press day, the film’s creators posed an interesting idea to journalists: What if Elsa, the franchise’s ostensible hero, is a mythic hero rather than a fairy tale hero? She’s isolated and tortured by something she can’t understand, after all—a trait that’s entirely unfamiliar to her sister, Anna, who’s more of a true blue “fire in the belly” type Disney hero. If Elsa is a mythic hero, though, does that mean she might be doomed to meet a mythic ending, rather than find her fairy tale happily ever after? And wouldn’t that make millions upon millions of little kids burst into tears?

All of those above questions are ones we posed to Frozen 2 director of story Marc Smith when we sat down to talk earlier this fall. We also talked about the origins of “Into The Unknown,” a song that certainly has the potential to be one of the most magical, mythical Disney earworms of all time.


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