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Will Smith doesn’t like orc cops in the new trailer for Netflix’s Bright

The first teaser for David Ayer’s new Netflix movie Bright only gave glimpses of the film’s weird fantasy-ish setting, but this full trailer revealed at Comic-Con dives into the weirdness headfirst. According to The Hollywood Reporter, star Will Smith joked during the film’s panel that it was fun to “to be an African-American police officer who found someone to be racist against,” and that angle is really emphasized in the beginning of the trailer. It opens with Smith beating a fairy thing with a broom, indicating that he has some prejudices against the fantasy folk that the humans share this world with, but his racism becomes a bit more overt when he realizes he’s stuck with an orc parter (played by Joel Edgerton under what look like very uncomfortable prosthetics).


Luckily, a threat involving an actual magic wand and warring factions of fantasy people become a much bigger deal than Smith’s pro-human biases, and he puts aside his issues to (probably) try and save Los Angeles.

Bright will premiere on Netflix on December 22.