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Will Smith is a fantasy cop in the first trailer for Netflix’s Bright

David Ayer’s Bright seems like it would be a great self-published novel or an entertaining indie comic book, but it looks like a pretty weird movie. It stars Will Smith as a cop, which is pretty straightforward. But he also happens to be a cop in a semi-fantastical world where humans co-exist alongside elves and orcs. This trailer—which premiered during the Academy Awards, in a rare move—doesn’t really waste any time explaining the premise, but if the sight of a toothy orc with a shotgun or Will Smith carrying a big sword while dressed as a cop doesn’t do it for you, then there’s probably no amount of explanation that could.

Bright is a Netflix original, and it also stars Joel Edgerton and Noomi Rapace. It’s set to premiere on the streaming service later this year.


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