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Win a special edition re-release of the American Hustle soundtrack on vinyl

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Even with its plunging necklines, receding hairlines, and exploding microwaves, one of the most memorable parts of David O. Russell’s American Hustle was its soundtrack, a groovy collection of ’70s throwback jams. This year, to coincide with Record Store Day and Black Friday, Madison Gate Records and Legacy Recordings are re-releasing the soundtrack as a limited edition vinyl set. The set includes two 12” LP gatefold records (in red and blue) with six additional tracks from the film that weren’t included on the original CD. With classics from Elton John, ELO, and David Bowie, the soundtrack makes a great collector’s item for both fans of the film and the iconic music of the era.


The vinyl version of American Hustle - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is available November 28, but The A.V. Club is giving away three copies for free. For your chance to win, send an email to avcontests@theonion.com with “American Hustle” in the subject line. Be sure to include your name and mailing address in the body of the email. Winners will be drawn on Wednesday, November 26. Estimated retail value of the prize is $40. A full track listing can be found below.

Side One

1. Jeep’s Blues | Duke Ellington

2. Dirty Work | Steely Dan

3. A Horse With No Name | America

4. 10538 Overture | Electric Light Orchestra

5. I’ve Got Your Number | Jack Jones

Side Two

1. White Rabbit | Mayssa Karaa

2. I Feel Love | Donna Summer

3. Don’t Leave Me This Way | Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

4. Delilah | Tom Jones

Side Three

1. Live And Let Die | Wings

2. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart | Bee Gees

3. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road | Elton John

4. Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone | The Temptations

Side Four

1. I Saw The Light | Todd Rundgren

2. Long Black Road | Electric Light Orchestra

3. The Jean Genie | David Bowie

4. Stream Of Stars | Jeff Lynne

5. The Coffee Song (They’ve Got An Awful Lot Of Coffee In Brazil) | Frank Sinatra


6. It’s De-Lovely | Ella Fitzgerald

7. Irving Montage | Danny Elfman


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