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Win Deadpool on Blu-ray, plus real props from the set

The Avengers are in the middle of a Civil War and the Apocalypse is on the horizon for the X-Men, so what Marvel hero can we count on to save the day?


Oh, right, your friendly neighborhood mercenary, Deadpool! As you’re well aware, Wade Wilson is so hot right now—single-handedly re-welcoming Ryan Reynolds into the public’s good graces and (quite possibly) making R-rated superheroes the trend of the future. And while we were a bit tepid on the “comic-book origin story in irreverent drag,” Deadpool went on to rake in over $760 million at the box office and has become Hollywood’s highest grossing R-rated film of all time. The merc-with-a-mouth might just be the hero we deserve and the hero we need right now.

Speaking of “needing Deadpool right now” (a turn of phrase the antihero would probably appreciate), fans have been clamoring to own the movie for themselves. Luckily for them, Deadpool hits shelves tomorrow on Blu-ray and DVD. To coincide with the film’s release, we have an awesome opportunity for our readers to own a few pieces from the set. Thanks to the folks at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, we’ve got our hands on three authentic props from the Sister Margaret’s Bar set—take a look:

There’s Weasel’s coffee mug, a lipstick-marked tall shot glass, and a short shot glass, each accompanied by their own certificate of authenticity, so you know they’re legitimate. And we want to give them to you—along with the Deadpool Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, loaded with extra features like deleted scenes, a gag reel, and something called “Deadpool’s Fun Sack.” For your chance to win, simply send an email to avcontests@theonion.com with the subject line “Chimichanga.” Be sure to include your name and mailing address in the body of the email. U.S. entrants only. On Monday, May 16, we’ll select one winner from our eligible entries and notify them via email shortly thereafter. You can watch the awesome promo for the Deadpool Blu-ray below.

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