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Witness the fury of nature in the trailer for Werner Herzog’s Into The Inferno

It’s time to add one more item to your intimidatingly long index of Netflix originals that you’re definitely going to get around watching one day, because it’s extremely difficult to watch two frail humans staring into the burbling maw of a magma-filled crater while Werner Herzog recites apocalyptic poetry without getting at least a little bit excited. In Herzog’s latest documentary, the 74-year-old filmmaker travels the world with his camera and his distinctive Germanic articulation to study the awe-inspiring power of active volcanos and the people most affected by them.


The A.V. Club’s A.A. Dowd—who got a chance to see this ode to the promise of fiery annihilation when it played at the Toronto International Film Festival last month—gave it a B, praising its “cinematic imagery“ and noting that its “shots of molten lava erupting from the rock are never less than mesmerizing.”

Into the Inferno will spew forth from Netflix accounts with great shrouds of shadow and fire on October 28.

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