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Wolverine is hurting in the first trailer for Logan

For a while now, the likes of Hugh Jackman and James Mangold have been implying that their new Wolverine movie, Logan, will be some variation on the Old Man Logan storyline. Now, in the first trailer we get a good look at Jackman’s worse-for-wear take on the character. Set to the sounds of Johnny Cash’s “Hurt,” we find Logan grizzled and cynical, proclaiming that mutants are “gone now.” But Charles Xavier—who also isn’t doing so hot—convinces him to go to the aid of a young girl. “She’s like you, very much like you,” X tells him. This would seemingly confirm a report from The Wrap that she indeed has some claws as well.

So we’ve got three generations of mutants banding together, and a vibe that resembles a drama like Hell Or High Water rather than any other X-Men movie. Logan slashes into theaters March 3.


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