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Xander Cage is back and eXtremerer than ever in the new trailer for xXx

Vin Diesel teased us yesterday with a glimpse of his growling muscle monster Xander Cage, the sometime-hero of the xXx film franchise. Now he’s giving his waiting public the complete show, unleashing a full teaser trailer for the upcoming film in all its gravel-throated, explosion-heavy glory.


Given that it’s been more than a decade since the last xXx movie—and longer still since Diesel starred in one—you’d be forgiven for forgetting Cage’s basic schtick: all of his insane and impossible stunts are related in some way to the always-trendy world of extreme sports. Luckily, director D.J. Caruso hasn’t forgotten, filling his trailer with shots of dangerous skateboarding, jungle skiing, and the always popular “dirtbikes driving on water.” Add in some shots of Donnie Yen doing what Donnie Yen does best (kicking people) and Cage reuniting with his iconic Macklemore coat, and xXx: Return Of Xander Cage looks like it’s ready to give fans of the franchise exactly what they want when it arrives in 2017.

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