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You can’t unsee the Halloween trailer for The Eyes Of My Mother

Nicolas Pesce’s debut feature The Eyes Of My Mother doesn’t hit theaters (and VOD, and Amazon Video) until December 2, but the film’s distributor, Magnet Releasing, is getting into the holiday spirit with a chilling new trailer released in honor of Halloween. The new trailer plays up the film’s Joyce Carol Oates-meets-Saw vibe, excerpting an exchange between young Francisca (Olivia Bond) and the man who murdered her parents, who she’s chained up in the family barn. When the bloodied, delirious serial killer asks why the girl hasn’t killed him yet, she replies, “Why would I kill you? You’re my only friend.”

The A.V. Club saw The Eyes Of My Mother at Fantastic Fest, where we called it “a profoundly disturbing film, made even more so by how profoundly sad it is.” We also saw it back at Sundance, where it also earned raves from our film editor A.A. Dowd. You can watch an earlier, more plot-heavy trailer for the film here.


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